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Heather Reid is the Owner and Principal Planner of Innovative Conferences & Communications – an independent, third party conference planning firm. With over 20 years experience in planning and executing all aspects of national and provincial conferences, as well as social events for groups of 200 to 800, she also knows the pain points that other event planners face when reading long and confusing event contracts. And because she can relate, Heather has made her dream come to life by helping other planners interpret and better understand these event contracts with her event contract advice.

Heather has a unique passion for everything “contracts” as they relate to venues and supplier services. For the first few years of her professional experience at her successful conference planning firm, Heather operated out of a position of “fear” when presenting venue contracts to her clients for signature, a fear you may also have. And although venue contracts were reviewed by lawyers, Heather was quick to realize that she had to have the client’s best interests at heart so that the contract served her clients to its fullest capability!

As she only had “on the job training” in this industry, she constantly was worried “was I asking the right questions”, “did I understand all of the event venue contract clauses”, “did I miss anything in the contract” – and so began her journey of countless hours of learning just about everything that has to do with venue contracts!

In addition to running a busy conference planning firm, Heather also offers event contract consulting services with fellow planners – meetings, weddings, etc. She loves being an educator and highlighting what, we as planners, need to know about venue contracts!

Heather brings a wealth of planning expertise, strong leadership skills and leading-edge ideas to each project. And although Heather is not a lawyer by profession, her depth of knowledge and experience will certainly make you think that she is one!

Allow Heather to help you “read between the lines” with her event contract advice. Feel free to give her a call at 519.652.0364 or email at


The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains.

The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.

~ William Arthur Ward


MSc (Masters of Science), University of Guelph, Ontario (1990)
ARCT (Associate of Royal Conservatory of Toronto), Piano Performance


Vice-President, Membership
Canadian Society of Professional Event Planners (
Founder and Chair, Southwestern Ontario Community of CanSPEP
Canadian Society of Professional Event Planners (

To chat with Heather, call her at 519-652-0364 or email her at

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 for Event planning venue Contracts by 220+ clients on over 800+ Contract reviews.